System and Database Benchmarking

Our staff has had extensive experience in many industry standard database/OS benchmarks and custom benchmarks, which are specially designed to test your application. PTC has delivered world class TPC-C™, TPC-H™, TPC-E™.and TPC-R™, benchmarks for major computer manufacturers and have experience with the latest benchmark specifications.

We offer assistance in:

  • Custom Benchmark Design.

    Our benchmarks are designed to mirror your actual application and workloads. Let us help you design a benchmark to model your actual system usage.

  • System Tuning.

    Let us help you obtain the best performance possible from your applications. We’ll make sure you are benchmarking an optimally tuned system.

  • TPC Benchmarks and Auditing.

    We can assist with all phases of TPC benchmarking and because we’re experienced working with TPC certified benchmark auditors, we can assist you through the audit process as well.

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