Remote Training – Put all the Training Pieces Together with Financial Performance in Mind

The best training in the world can’t help you if it’s priced out of reach.  We know you have budgets and bottom lines and you need performance at a price point that makes sense for your organization.
Cost Comparison

Train Four People on 3 Subjects for Less!

We can customize a course for your organization at a better price point per student than you can find within the training community anywhere!  We’ll help you watch your bottom line and put together the right training pieces to out perform your training expectations.

Live Interactive Oracle Classes via Our Private WebEx Classroom

Students can now take a class from anywhere in the world without incurring the travel time and cost.  Our Oracle courses are taught by our expert consultants and can be accessed anywhere the student can access the internet.  Our virtual classroom offers the same interactive content and hands-on lab learning as our on site courses in a format that is designed to taught remotely.  Each class is a private, custom designed course developed to support 15 students.

  • No travel required – Saving time and money
    webex classroom

    webex classroom

  • Same high-quality content as our client-site courses
  • Smaller, more personalized classroom experience
  • Greater flexibility and outstanding online experience
  • Flexible scheduling (1/2 days, full days, evening hours available)   If you have employees half-way around the world, we can setup the training times to accommodate their schedules.  We typically run an 8 hour class day, allowing for breaks and a mid-day meal.  However, if your work requires shorter session to allow your employees to work half of the day and attend training half of the day, we can accommodate your needs.
  • Students will need a computer with an internet browser, high speed network connection and a telephone to access a conference number for two-way communication with our instructor. All courses include a comprehensive training manual in electronic (PDF) format.

Subjects for Customized Courses:

Oracle 12c Database: What’s New For Administrators
Oracle Database 12c: Performance Tuning
Migrating to Oracle 12c from Previous Oracle Versions
Using GoldenGate to Migrate to Oracle
Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 12c Cloud Control Deep Dive
Oracle Data Guard for Maximum Availability
Oracle GoldenGate Fundamentals
Oracle GoldenGate Advanced Tuning and Triage
Oracle 11g Grid Control Implementation and Administration
Oracle Database 11g R2: Performance Tuning Deep Dive
Oracle Database 11g R2: RAC for Administrators
Oracle Database 11g R2: Grid Infrastructure for Administrators

Don’t see the topic you’re looking for?  Just send let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you get the right solution at the right price.