System Sizing Requirements and Database Performance Tuning for ISVs

Independent Software Vendors have a unique situation. Typically their expertise lies in development and functionality of the applications. But most applications require interaction with a database backend. Many ISVs do not have database experts on staff to handle all aspects of database performance tuning.  Application, hardware and system experts on are frequently on staff but Microsoft SQL and Oracle database performance experts rarely are.  In many cases, the clients of these ISVs are even less prepared. PTC can provide the missing link to assist the ISV to be successful and show support to their clients.

In the case where clients are hosting their own applications and data, PTC can assist in the definition and documentation of system sizing and configuration requirements for their client’s application environments, to provide a suggested configuration with best practices to the client. This can help avoid initial configuration mistakes that cause poor performance, which are not related to the ISVs application code, but may appear so to the client. We can analyze and recommend system configurations optimized for a specific application design and planned user and workload growth. A typical requirements document includes the following:

  • Server and storage specifications (including number of disks and RAID levels)
  • Operating system and database configuration (including database file layout)
  • System configuration and usage recommendations for small, medium, and large sized clients

We can also assist the ISV in testing and optimizing their application code before it gets released, thus helping to avoid client performance issues and complaints. We also work directly with ISV clients to troubleshoot issues in their own environment, either directly to the client, or thru a partnership with the ISV. This can be in the form of a specific project or a block of hours to help whenever an need arises.

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