Optimizing Oracle Exadata systems for business excellence

Performance Tuning’s Oracle Exadata Implementation Services allow you to leverage advanced Oracle expertise to extract maximum value from Oracle Exadata systems, ensuring efficient planning, implementation, and success.

Exadata Pre-implementation Planning

A one week pre-implementation service, this cross functional planning workshop helps ensure that a properly architected system is implemented to meet business and technical requirements according to PTC and Oracle best practices. Oracle Exadata performance tuning is built in to ensure maximum ROI.  The deliverable is a clear implementation plan. This service assumes that a system has been sized and architected to meet requirements. Planning is required for all Implementation Services. Task areas for this service include:

  • Review technical requirements and deliverables
  • Identify and coordinate key project stakeholders and team members for delivery
  • Identify network connectivity and systems access requirements
  • Identify security and access requirements
  • Validate physical installation environment
  • Create installation plan

PTC Update

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