Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Implementation

Performance Tuning Corporation has enabled our clients to dramatically reduce Oracle database downtime with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control and 12c Cloud Control. As OEM evolves, we are able to assist our clients in taking advantage of new features and benefits. From basic database monitoring to complete application and business process management, OEM enables businesses to perform more efficiently and at lower cost.

  • Complete lifecycle management from database to applications, Operating Systems, and hardware
  • Intelligent management of the Oracle stack, ensuring the greatest return on your technology investment
  • Manage the SLAs of the business through intelligent correlation of assets and processes


Just Getting Started? Try our Base OEM Service Package

OEM Grid Control or 12c Cloud Control Deployment – Base Service Package

The Goal: Implementation and configuration of Oracle OEM Grid/12c Cloud Control
on one server, up to 5 agents, 30 targets, and 60 alerts, based on Client provided input.

This Service Package is delivered in three Phases:

Phase 1 – Planning Meeting Onsite

PTC consultant will meet with Customer staff to discuss the following and to gather necessary data:

–      Understand the environment, hardware architecture, and applications

–       Understand Client’s short and long term goals around Oracle, Grid/Cloud Control, monitoring, etc.

–       Discuss Alert Configuration Spreadsheet with Client completed data  (this will be delivered prior to kickoff meeting) and obtain Client sign off on final version

–       Discuss implementation plans and identify Client resources and information/data needed

–       Collect and document data necessary to deploy agents and  configure targets

–       Setup remote access to systems as appropriate

Phase 2 – Deployment, Configuration, and Testing

–       Deploy Grid/Cloud Control Software – install components, verify, and configure

–       Deploy up to 5 agents and up to 30 targets (OMS server not included)

–       Configure alerts/values/emails based on Alert Configuration Spreadsheet for up to 3 templates

–       Configure email server

–       Setup emails for alerting for up to 60 alerts

Phase 3 – Provide Knowledge Transfer

A 2-hour Web Session will be delivered remotely to review final implementation and how to navigate the monitoring system, including topics:

–       Basic tabs and navigation

–       Metrics and alerts

–       Reporting


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