Oracle Exadata Implementation Services

Optimizing Oracle Exadata systems for business excellence

 Performance Tuning’s Oracle Exadata Implementation Services allow you to leverage advanced Oracle expertise to extract maximum value from Oracle Exadata systems, ensuring efficient planning, implementation, and success.

 Exadata Systems Installation and Configuration Services

 Once planning is complete, the installation environment is validated and the systems are installed and configured to meet the implementation requirements. Using Oracle best practices, senior Oracle performance management engineers perform a complete installation and configuration of database servers, storage, login credentials, addressing, OS, networking and patching. The deliverable is clear configuration documentation that will allow your staff to manage the configuration for optimum performance and reliability. Task areas include:

  • On-site survey of systems and environmental readiness after systems delivery, including equipment readiness, power, network connectivity, security and access control.
  • Installation of all hardware and software including installation documentation
  • Configure Exadata Storage Servers and databases nodes
  • Install Oracle database and configure database servers
  • Set up and configure shared storage to support Oracle RAC
  • Test, verify, and document configuration and configuration management

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