Built for Availability & Performance: Engineered Systems & Clusters When Top Performance Matters

Performance Tuning is a recognized leader in high-performance system implementations. Working with leading hardware and software companies for over 15 years PTC provides expertise in deploying cutting edge solutions. Whether you are looking at a Super Cluster or an Oracle RAC or Microsoft Cluster solution we deploy mission critical data systems with confidence.

Experience that Performs

With over 200 deployments in the past 5 years alone our team knows the real world steps it takes to get you up and running quickly and cleanly – so you investment starts paying off right away. And because the Performance Tuning team understands the stack surrounding your cluster solution we can ease the integration process into your environment. Our experience also shows that simply plugging in an engineered system or cluster is not enough to provide the performance boost you expect – like a sports car these systems need to be tuned for the optimal performance in your environment – with your applications and your data.

The Right Solution for Your Needs

With a breadth of experience across engineered systems, industries and application deployments Performance tuning can help you select the solution that fits your needs. If you need optimization and want to reduce the footprint of your data storage you might be a candidate for Oracle Exadata, if you need across the board performance at all layers of your hardware stack for a large ERP deployment a SuperCluster might be just the thing. Each situation is unique based on the parameters that drive your business – engage the experts at PTC to help select the right system – and implement it with confidence.