Application Rationalization

Application sprawl affects every organization.  “Shelfware”, a common term for applications that have been purchased but remain unused or incompletely configured runs rampant.  Once the application has been purchased, gaining the most from its use falls to the purchaser.  Let us help document your application infrastructure, identify waste and ensure that you receive the most from your application investment.

Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon AWS, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack,VMware, HyperV

Cloud architectures, both private cloud solutions and public cloud providers have matured significantly in the past five years into service platforms capable of delivering tremendous value for appropriate workloads.  Understanding how specific business processes and compute workloads can be supported in various cloud service platforms should be a top priority of every IT leader.  The decision on if and when workloads are moved to or back from cloud services should be based on informed analysis of the both the workloads and the platforms.  Performance Tuning Corporation can help you evaluate potential cloud service platforms for your compute workloads ensuring that you stay informed and ready.

Management Infrastructure

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, KACE 1000/2000, SolarWinds Orion

Application Management, Database Management, and IT Asset Management continue to provide challenges to Information Technology teams.  As the technology we use to manage information evolves, so too must the tools and processes we use to manage this technology.  Performance Tuning can assist you in gaining insight and proactively managing your technical infrastructure.  We will help you visualize and report on all aspects of your information systems: Server, Storage, Application, Database, Software, Network and Client Systems. We can help you succeed with OEM 12c services, KACE consulting services and database availability assessments.

Network Infrastructure


Converged network fabrics have become the standard for today’s data center.  As data-centric companies increase the volume of information they manage and the speed at which they access and distribute that data, reliable network performance is critical.  Performance Tuning Corporation will ensure that your network fabric: IP, iSCSI, FC, and FCoE works flawlessly to support the critical workloads your business depends on

Server Infrastructure

X86, RISC, Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris,Windows

Server and Server Operating System performance is crucial to overall application performance and user experience.  Ensuring that servers are configured appropriately for each workload will reduce the overall cost of your technology infrastructure and ensure that your users’ experience is exceptional.  Performance Tuning Corporation has configured and tuned servers for thousands of workloads.  Our attention to detail has improved the  overall performance of our clients’ critical applications and dramatically improved the experience of our clients’ users and customers.

Storage Infrastructure


Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Unified storage has been the backbone of critical applications for more than a decade.  As application and database demands increase, it is critical that storage environments are tuned for each workload they support.  Automated management on many of these systems can be great boon but also mask opportunities for larger gains.  Performance Tuning Corporation has improved the performance of hundreds of storage environments.  This allows us to provide you highly experienced solutions to the needs of your applications.