SQL Server Performance Tuning Services help identify performance problems in the holistic systems infrastructure depending on MS SQL database systems. We examine application server, database server, storage, and network performance to identify, tune, and remediate issues that are impeding peak performance and delivery of infrastructure service quality

SQL Server Performance Tuning Services consist of three service areas:

  • Holistic Systems Assessment
  • Recommendations and Remediation Planning
  • Performance Tuning


Assessment Methodology

 We gain a deep understanding of the SQL environment with a focus on the performance problems or known issues that may exist. SQL performance management experts work with key client team members to identify any cross functional problems and knowledge gaps. Using specially developed and standard toolsets, our performance engineers then analyze systems performance, including:

  • Server hardware and storage configuration, including RAID levels for SQL files
  • Systems resource utilization – memory, CPU, disk I/O data
  • SQL server configuration and parameter settings
  • OS configuration
  • SQL performance data and statistics via perfmon, Profiler and SQL tools and scripts
  • Tempdb and trigger usage
  • SQL database configuration and file layout
  • Maintenance plans and jobs
  • Backup/recovery
  • SQL code
  • Other processes and applications
  • Resource waits and process blocking

Recommendations and Action Plan

 After careful analysis and identification of key problem areas, the project team will then provide data-driven and specific recommendations and best practices for performance improvements, including configuration of the database, operating system, and server and storage systems and ways to remediate performance bottlenecks. Working with your team, we will outline a project plan to address each problem area, prioritizing them by level of effort, risk, and potential business and performance payoff. With agreement on the highest priority areas to address, our engineers will begin to assist in performance tuning the systems.


Performance Tuning

 Once an action plan is developed, performance tuning will be performed on the agreed-upon highest priority remediation tasks as project scope and time permits. PTC’s proven tuning methodology starts with the development of a validation plan and documentation of expected results. Changes are implemented one at a time, measured, and validated against the plan. These may include configuration parameter change, hardware changes, adding indexes, and process changes. The solution is validated and tested in a non-production environment wherever possible, including load testing if appropriate.