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Increased Data Complexity Needs Secure, Reliable Database Performance!

Let Performance Tuning Corporation Protect and Manage Your Critical Data!

Delivering secure, reliable and scalable database performance to critical business applications is a challenge as the complexity of data increases. The ability for these applications to meet the goals of the business is ensured with Managed Microsoft SQL Server from Performance Tuning Corporation. Managed Microsoft SQL Server provides expert SQL Server support services which have been developed and honed over the past twenty years.

Microsoft SQL Server database expertise can be cost prohibitive. While a SQL database administrator is trained to handle daily operations, specialized skills including SQL Server performance tuning, database high-availability, and SQL development are generally outside of this skill set.

Managed SQL Server from Performance Tuning Corporation delivers these specialized skills at a manageable monthly cost. This SQL Server service can be provided in support of your existing database administration team and remote Microsoft SQL dba services can be included as well for complete database management. This portfolio of Managed Microsoft SQL Server solutions ensures that your applications perform to the best of their ability.

Managed Microsoft SQL Server Solutions

Performance is our first name and we have integrated database performance in our Managed Microsoft SQL Server solution. What can our clients gain?

  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance trending
  • High availability
  • Real-time application availability support

We further empower companies to unlock the potential of critical data through data integration and custom application development.

Database Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Our Managed Microsoft SQL Server offerings are based on the performance monitoring and reporting of Microsoft SQL platforms. Database performance reporting is provided weekly and over time, visibility is provided to the performance trends of your Microsoft SQL Server database and all of the applications which depend on Microsoft SQL Server. This deep insight into the overall health and capabilities of your Microsoft SQL Database allows you to make intelligent decisions in advance of issues impacting your business.

While your application requirements will evolve, you will be prepared to address Microsoft SQL database requirements in a proactive manner. Microsoft SQL Server database performance improves and allows thoughtful evaluation of high availability and disaster recover planning.

Database Protection and Recovery Solutions

For more than 20 years, Performance Tuning Corporation has worked with clients to design, deploy and support high availability solutions for Microsoft SQL Server. In support of business continuity, we couple high availability with disaster recovery solutions to ensure minimal downtime in case of fire, flood, hurricane or other unforeseen outages. These critical Microsoft SQL database protection solutions are supported in our Managed Oracle Database service to better ensure the availability of critical data to your company.

Data Integration Capabilities

Beyond the monitoring and protection of your critical data, Performance Tuning Corporation has developed real-time data integration capabilities for our Managed Microsoft SQL Server clients. We enable real-time integration of data between Microsoft SQL Server and other data sources including Oracle MySQL and Hadoop.

Additionally, this real-time data integration extends from your data center to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Oracle Database Cloud ensuring that your data is where it needs to be when you need it to be there.

Managed Microsoft SQL Server services from Performance Tuning Corporation deliver Microsoft SQL Server performance and deliver the greatest return on your investment in Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server security, availability and integration are built in which ensures that your data provides value today and for years to come!

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What Our Clients Say

“Performance Tuning was able to quickly troubleshoot and resolve many technical issues that often eluded other consulting companies we’ve worked with. I was most impressed by their quick response in emergency situations. They’ ve been instrumental in the delivery of Oracle technologies such as Oracle RAC, Grid Control and Data Guard.”

James Jech, Dell

“Performance Tuning was able to offer unique insights to database design and performance tuning optimization on a world class level. They did a superb job of load testing, which was cited by Microsoft (a team member) as, the best we’ve seen in three years and 50 customers to come through our SQL Server Performance Tuning Lab. This statement came from the SQL Server Product Group in Redmond – a tough crowd to please. In addition, they accelerated several products including our flagship Thomson ONE Analytics and were a key part of a project whose success has lead to case studies by Intel, Microsoft, and Unisys.”

Jeremy Lehman, Thomson

“The Instructor was able to customize the course slightly to meet the needs and levels of experience in the class. It was great to get some real hands on to cement in what was reviewed and explained.”

Chad Aberle, Microsoft

“We recently had a problem with SQL Server performance after introducing virtualization and a SAN in our server environment. After working with two different consulting companies without success, we contacted Performance Tuning Corporation. PTC rapidly set up a remote engagement with us, and within one week was able to identify a problem with a virtual device driver. We are very satisfied with the work PFC performed, and feel it is some of the best consulting money that we have spent in several years.”

Howard Brill, PHD, Monroe Plan

PTC has been phenomenal. It’s a scary time when your most critical data is being moved while users are in the system working. Especially on the heals of our previous vendor’s failed attempt. I can only describe it as a calming effect when true professionals are running the show.

IT Healthcare Manager, Opelousas General Health System

“We are very pleased with the work that PTC performed. They were able to extract information from SQL Server and use that information to identify the exact causes of our performance bottlenecks. They provided us with information, tools, and instructions on how we can locate the cause of our performance problems. The final report contained good information and gives us a benchmark for doing future performance reviews.”

Jon Robertson, MedEvolve

“This is a well balanced course (Optimizing Oracle RAC on Linux) covering all major topics from System Administration to Database Administration unlike most of the courses”

Manish Bijlani, RealtyData Corp.

Our Clients

Over 1000 clients from all industries have benefitted from our database services