Ed Whalen

Ed Whalen, CTO
Oracle Ace Director,Performance Guru

Oracle Ace Director

Chief Technologist

Edward Whalen is the Chief Technologist and Founder of Performance Tuning® Corporation (www.perftuning.com)and has been working with Oracle for over 20 years. He holds the distinction of being one of the few people to write books on both Oracle Database and MS SQL Server and has written for both Oracle Press and Microsoft Press.

Career Overview and Summary

Ed Whalen is an Oracle ACE Director and the Chief Technologist at Performance Tuning Corporation (www.perftuning.com), a consulting company specializing in database performance, administration, virtualization and disaster recovery solutions. With over 20+ years of experience, Ed has demonstrated expertise in system architectural design for optimal performance. His career includes architecting hardware, OS, database and virtualization for numerous companies and federal agencies. Edward Whalen has written eight books on Oracle products and five books on MS SQL Server and has just published the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Deep Dive book for Oracle Press. He has also worked on numerous benchmarks and performance tuning projects with both Oracle and MS SQL Server.

Edward Whalen has extensive architectural experience consisting of all layers of the cloud/application stack from storage and hardware to hypervisor and OS and to the database. This experience has provided the foundation for the system architecture work that he has done in the past.

Edward started out in college as an experimental physicist working in High Energy Physics on projects at both Fermi lab and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. After working briefly on the Super Collider he moved into computer software, followed by computer hardware, Operating System development which evolved into database performance engineering.

Core Competencies

Hardware, OS, Cloud Computing and Database Architecture – Subject Matter Expert in Oracle, Cloud Computing and underlying support components such as OS, Hardware and Storage. This includes a wide range of products and technologies from various Software and Hardware vendors:

  • Expert in Oracle technologies including Oracle Database, Oracle Applications and Oracle Cloud Management
  • Expert in cloud virtualization technologies including Oracle VM and VMware
  • Expert in Linux/Unix operating systems
  • Deep knowledge of computer hardware technologies and former employee of Compaq Computer Corporation
  • Deep knowledge of SAN/NAS storage architecture, sizing and capacity planning

Major Publications

Edward Whalen is the author of 10 books and is currently working on his 11th.