Using the GoldenGate Hub Architecture

Using the GoldenGate Server Hub Architecture is almost identical to the local GoldenGate installation.  The GoldenGate Hub extracts and replicats are configured using the TNS string that you would use to connect to the source and target databases.

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I prefer to use the GoldenGate credential store for connectivity configuration which simplifies the configuration.  So, from the GoldenGate Hub you can simply create a credential that points to another database on another server.

For example:

Create a credentialstore:              ggsci> add credentialstore

Add source system:                        ggsci> alter credentialstore add user ggadmin@gg01 alias ggadm1

Add target system:                         ggsci> alter credentialstore add user ggadmin@gg02 alias ggadm2

Note:  You will be prompted for a password:

Test the credentials:

ggsci>  dblogin useridalias ggadm1

ggsci> dblogin useridalias ggadm2

Now all that is necessary is to use the useridalias shown above in the extract and replicat parameter files.  This will now pull data from the source system and replicate to the target system all from the same server.  It is no longer necessary to configure a pump if both the extract and replicat reside on the same system.

As you can see, it is easy to setup the GoldenGate extract and replicat to use the GoldenGate Hub Architecture.

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