One of the best features of Oracle Enterprise Linux is the ability to quickly and efficiently deploy an environment that is ready to deploy an Oracle database Server.  This is done via a set of RPM (Redhat Package Manager) packages that are set up to do all of the tedious configuration work for you.  Not only does it save time, but provides a consistent and repeatable platform for Oracle database (and application) deployment.

In order to properly use the Oracle supplied configuration packages it is best to use YUM (Yellowdog Update Manager) because of its ability to download and install dependent packages.  With OEL 6.x YUM is installed by default.  With OEL 5.x you must configure the Oracle public yum repository.  Using a browser go to and follow the instructions for your operating system.  Once you have done this, the rest is easy.

Note:  Running yum requires root privileges.

The Oracle pre installation package does the following things for you.

  • Creates the oracle user.  Creates the dba and oinstall groups.
  • Configures /etc/sysconfig.conf parameters.
  • Sets up security and login settings necessary for a clean Oracle installation (11g).

Note:  The parameters set are starting points only.  Normal tuning for Oracle memory still applies.

OEL 5.x

In OEL 5.x Oracle has provide us with a package called oracle-validated.x86_64.  In order to download all needed dependencies, install them, create the oracle user and set parameters and security settings just run yum install oracle-validated.

If you want to see what dependent packages are installed at part of the yum install oracle-validated command you can run yum deplist oracle-validated.  This provides a long list of software that it validates as needed for the Oracle installation.  Only uninstalled packages will be installed.

Once this package is installed, you will have a consistent platform ready to install an Oracle 11g database.

OEL 6.x

In OEL 6.x the yum system is already setup and ready to go.  Like OEL 5.x there is a package to prepare for the installation of the Oracle 11g database.  In addition, there is another package to prepare an OEL 6.x system for installation of the Oracle 12c database.  These two packages are:


Just like with OEL 5.x these packages do the same setup, preparing the OEL 6.x server for Oracle database installations.

With these packages, you will be able to consistently and quickly deploy Linux servers for Oracle database installation.