Oracle Database Migration Service

Basic steps for Migrating with Oracle GoldenGate
The following tasks are high level steps to migrate to a new server using near-zero downtime with GoldenGate.

  • Create project plan
    Identify transformations; i.e. new partitioning, new indexes, new security, etc..
  • Identify new hardware
  • Configure OS on new hardware
  • Install Oracle 12c (target) database on new system
  • Create new Pluggable database that will be used for migration.
    Create database tables on new 12c Pluggable Database
    Make modifications as desired
  • Configure Oracle GoldenGate between 11g and 12c databases for CDC
  • Start CDC (Change Data Capture) extract on source.
  • Execute initial load of 12c database
    How to do this will be determined later and can be
               – Data Pump Export/Import
    Transportable tablespaces
                  – Other
  • Initiate initial CDC replay on target to catch up from initial load startup.
  • Validate data on source and target
    This can be done via Veridata or other methods.
  • Start GoldenGate replication to keep servers in sync.


A typical data migration will consist of the migration of data a minimum of 3 times:

  1. Test/Dev
  2. QA
  3. Production

A project of this type with three phases will take approximately 6 weeks.  This will vary if an additional migration is required for other environments such as UAT and/or reporting databases, etc..  The length and complexity of the project will also vary with the number and types of transformations.  Transformations can include:

  • Encryption
  • Compression
  • Partitioning
  • Index redesign
  • LOB Storage

 About Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate is a comprehensive software package for real-time data integration and replication in heterogeneous IT environments. The product set enables high availability solutions, real-time data integration, transactional change data capture, data replication, transformations, and verification between operational and analytical enterprise systems. Oracle GoldenGate 12c brings extreme performance with simplified configuration and management, tighter integration with Oracle Database, support for cloud environments, expanded heterogeneity, and enhanced security. Learn more here: