The Big Secret?

Oracle Cloud is real……And it’s Spectacular!

Setting the stage

For the past several years we, as technology business leaders, have had to digest the challenges of two competing models and a tectonic shift in information delivery.  Monolithic application architecture based on the most reliable technology or cloud based DevOps delivering self-healing applications.  Leverage my team’s existing skill sets around complex technology stacks or retrain my team to support public cloud application delivery.  As the quality of cloud delivered services has improved, it has increasingly become a question of “when” and no longer “if” my operations will require the flexibility offered by cloud architectures such as Oracle Cloud.

Even so, the gap has been significant.  Application architectures developed for zero data loss have been replaced, where appropriate by self-healing applications.  If your bank loses a few thousand ATM transaction records, it is catastrophic.  If you miss a social media post for 5 minutes, it’s irritating.  

So how do we achieve the reliability of enterprise technology including Oracle database while achieving the agility offered by cloud-based application frameworks? 

Enter Oracle Cloud 2016

Oracle is not new to cloud.  Oracle Outsourcing, launched in the 90’s, was built to enable small or dynamic companies the ability to rapidly provision Oracle applications in an early SaaS (Software as a Service) model.  This gave way to Oracle On Demand in 2004 and finally to Oracle Cloud in 2010.  With 20 years of operational expertise in delivering business critical platforms via the cloud, the recent announcements from Oracle regarding the Oracle Cloud portfolio are cause to celebrate indeed!

Cloud DevOps comes to the enterprise

Software development teams aligned around monolithic development methodologies have struggled to adapt to the flexibility achieved by cloud-enabled DevOps structures. Public cloud, Open Stack and Docker container architecture are examples of tools that have enabled small, agile companies to enter the market and overtake their larger competitors in incredibly short time frames.  

At Performance Tuning Corporation, we have seen many companies attempt to move entire application stacks to these models without regard to the fundamental differences in application architecture. The result is always failure.

With Oracle PaaS (Platform as a Service), an application can be moved to the Oracle Cloud and managed just as it has been on premise.  Because the components are delivered via the Oracle Cloud, compatibility, patching and management costs are dramatically reduced.  Additionally, the pay-per-use model reduces unnecessary spend on unnecessary software licenses.  

Once your application is instantiated in the Oracle PaaS Cloud, the platform allows your team to a Docker container based architecture in parallel.   This allows a true Cloud DevOps approach to be implemented for future development.  Both frameworks can run simultaneously with a single management interface and single point of support.  No more impossible choices.  Keep the whole baby.

Migrate Confidently to Oracle Database 12c using the Oracle Cloud


Oracle 12c Represents the first significant architectural change to Oracle Database since the release of Oracle 9i.  This is not Oracle database as usual.  Understanding how functionality and operations have changed in Oracle 12c will ensure that your transition delivers the most value and least risk to your company.  The Oracle Database Cloud is a critical component to Oracle database 12c success.

Oracle Database Cloud Service provides the most complete test, backup and DR solution for Oracle database.  When you provision Oracle Database Cloud High Performance Service or Extreme Performance Service, your environment includes the options you need for your testing with no per-option charge. Multitenant, Advanced Security, In-memory and more included so that you can test these functions as long as necessary without incurring the license costs until you have completely validated the value.

Once in production, Oracle Database Cloud provides an RMAN and Data Guard target which can be provisioned as a recovery site with a pay-per-use service.  Oracle on Oracle for recovery with no capital investment and no stand-by hardware consuming power and support costs.

Let me sum up

Oracle’s path to the current single suite of solutions has certainly been confusing at times but the result is worth the wait.  One pane of glass for an end-to-end cloud application stack based on proven enterprise technology. 

Bravo Oracle Cloud!

Performance Tuning Corporation wants to help you get the most out of YOUR cloud.

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