Edward Whalen & Chris Tijerina

In order to instantiate MS SQL Server with GoldenGate replication, you typically begin with the database backup and restore method.  To synchronize the data properly care must be taken to gather data during this process.  The entire process only includes a few steps.

  • Start GoldenGate capture.
  • Backup the database
    • Search for long running transactions.
    • If none, backup the database.
    • If long running transactions wait.
    • Note the LSNs.
  • Restore the database to the new server. If a different version of SQL Server an automatic upgrade of the database is done.
  • Start GoldenGate replication after the ending LSN.

This will allow you to instantiate MS SQL Server with GoldenGate and perform an upgrade of the SQL Server database with Oracle GoldenGate.  This is just a high-level overview.  In order perform all the steps there are more details that aren’t provided here.  I will provide more details in another whitepaper.