GoldenGate Monitor

Introducing GoldenGate Monitor

Edward Whalen – CTO

I am proud to introduce the Performance Tuning Corporation GoldenGate Monitor program. For years I have been using shell scripts to monitor GoldenGate. While this provides some functionality, it is often difficult to implement and doesn’t provide all the features that you would desire. That is why we designed a fully featured GoldenGate monitor.
The PTC GoldenGate monitor constantly monitors GoldenGate processes and immediately alerts you if a process has changed state. In addition to alerting you, the email alert includes information on what caused the alert condition and includes the report and parameter file. Unlike scripts, we can custom configure the application to only alert when a process is in a state different from what is configured. In other words, you don’t get alerted on processes that are supposed to be in a stopped state. Some of the features include:

• Ease of use. Just point to an SMTP email server.
• Less clutter. Only one email per state change, not one per check interval.
• Immediate alerting. Get an email within seconds of a process changing state.
• Start the debug process. The email alert includes the report and parameter files.
• With our optional services we can help you respond to problems immediately.

In the next few blogs I will be providing more information on the features and functionality of our GoldenGate monitor. To try it free for 90 days contact here.

You won’t be disappointed.

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