GoldenGate 12.2 Monitoring with Oracle OEM 13c Cloud Control Part 3

In Part 1 and Pat 2 I of this blog, I showed how to extend OEM 13c to monitor Oracle GoldenGate 12.2 and how to configure the Jagent and Monitor agent. In this blog I will complete the series by showing you how to actually use the components that you set up in the previous blogs.
GoldenGate 12c monitoring provides extensive monitoring capabilities as well as the ability to alert on many different metrics. From the last two blogs I showed how to configure the agent and OMS to monitor GoldenGate. After installing the GoldenGate plugin on both the OMS and Agents and configuring GoldenGate monitoring as shown in the previous two parts of this series you are ready to monitor GoldenGate with OEM 13c.
After logging into OEM Cloud Control 13c you will be able find the GoldenGate option in the Targets drop-down menu. This is assuming that the OMS has been extended for GoldenGate monitoring. The mail GoldenGate screen will show an overview of the GoldenGate processes that have been registered in OEM 13c.
The information provided in the main screen includes the status, Lag (sec), Lag Trend, Total Operations, Delta Operations, Delta Operations Per Second, Incidents and Seconds Since Last OGG Checkpoint. Most of these items are hyperlinks to the underlying data and/or graphs.
Clicking on a process; Manger, Extract or Replicat will take you to a page for that process. These pages for those processes contains detailed data on that process.
Within each process you have the option to select Monitoring -> Metrics and Collection Settings and choose thresholds for each of the monitored items. OEM allows alerting on pretty much anything that you can monitor. Metrics for an extract are shown here:
The metrics settings for Mgr, Extract and Replicat are different and must be set within the process itself. Once the metric thresholds are set they can be alerted on within the Incident Rules. It is the ability to view and alert on GoldenGate processes that makes OEM monitoring for GoldenGate so powerful.
In addition to threshold alerts, target availability alerts also apply to Cloud Control GoldenGate monitoring.