GoldenGate 12.2 Monitoring with Oracle OEM 13c Cloud Control part 1

One of the best ways to monitor and manage GoldenGate is via Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c.  OEM CC provides graphical monitoring as well as robust alerting.  With OEM Cloud Control you can monitor and graph lag times as well as instantly verify the state of GoldenGate.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c has recently been introduced as well as Oracle GoldenGate 12.2.  Configuring GoldenGate Monitoring on OEM 13c is not what you are probably used to if you have enabled GoldenGate monitoring with OEM CC before.  The high level steps to monitor GoldenGate 12.2 with OEM 13c are as follows.  This is assuming that you already have a working Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c system running.

  1. Configure Oracle GoldenGate 12.1 or 12.2 on your database server. It is best to have GoldenGate up and running before you start configuring Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c to monitor it.
  2. Install the Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent on all servers that you are planning on monitoring. They agent can be configured to monitor/manage the database as well as GoldenGate but it is not required.
  3. Download and stage the Oracle Monitor Installation files. This consists of both GoldenGate Monitor Server and Agent as well as the Veridata Server and Agent.
  4. Install the required version of java on the GoldenGate servers. Both the JDK and JRE should be downloaded and installed.
  5. Install and Configure the Monitor Agent.
  6. Configure the GoldenGate Jagent process.
  7. Extend OEM 13c for GoldenGate Monitoring.
  8. Extend the OEM agent for GoldenGate Monitoring.
  9. Discover the GoldenGate targets.

Part 1 will consist of steps 1 – 6.  Part 2 will consist of the remaining parts.

  1. Configure GoldenGate 12.1 or 12.2 on your database server.  This is the typical GoldenGate installation and configuration.  There is nothing different that has to be done when you anticipate adding OEM Monitoring to GoldenGate.  When installing GoldenGate 12.2 for Oracle it is necessary to specify the ORACLE_HOME for the database during the installation and choose whether you are installing GoldenGate for Oracle 11g or Oracle 12c.
  2. Install the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control agent on the systems where you will be monitoring GoldenGate. This is usually done via the push method, but on Windows it can get a little tricky if your OMS is Linux.
  3. Download the Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Agent to the systems that you will be configuring GoldenGate monitoring on. Also download the latest Java for your platform.  This must be the JDK installation.
  4. Install latest JDK on server.
  5. Install GoldenGate Monitor Agent. This is covered in two previous blog entries.  Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Agent (JAGENT) for OEM on MS Windows Configuration Steps and Configuring the Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Agent (JAGENT) for OEM on Linux and will not be repeated here.
  6. Configure the JAGENT in GoldenGate. This was also covered in the two above mentioned recent blog entries and will not be covered here.

The final steps involve configuring the OEM 13c Cloud Control system for GoldenGate monitoring.  This will be covered in my next blog entry; Configuring GoldenGate 12.2 Monitoring with OEM Cloud Control 13c Part 2