Database Upgrade Service

Offering at a Glance

The Database Upgrade Service is intended for all customers looking to upgrade existing databases to the latest version. Cost and duration are dependent on a variety of factors and typically a consultative conversation is necessary.

Services Overview

Upgrade Pre-Implementation Planning

A pre-implementation service, this cross functional planning workshop helps ensure that a proper upgrade methodology and test plan is defined and documented, according to best practices and PTC’s proven expertise. The deliverable is a clear Upgrade Plan. This service assumes that a system has been sized and architected to meet requirements. Planning is required for all Upgrade Services to ensure success. Task areas for this service include:

  • Review technical requirements and deliverables
  • Identify and coordinate key project stakeholders and team members for delivery
  • Identify network connectivity and systems access requirements
  • Validate physical environment – OS, Database, network, storage, application servers, etc.
  • Review downtime requirements
  • Review optional methodologies for upgrading with pros and cons
  • Review Scheduling and Resources
  • Create Upgrade Test Plan – a detailed step by step plan that will be tested and validated in the next phase, and includes a Rollback Plan

Test Upgrade Implementation and Planning for Final Cutover

A test upgrade may involve two phases – an initial upgrade of the test environment, and a full upgrade of the test system QA purposes. Considerations include:

  • Validate data integrity
  • Identify and isolate invalid objects
  • Record timings for each step (export, import, ETL)
  • Test database and port
  • Test operational and administrative tasks
  • Prepare for Final QA Testing and Performance Testing by Client
  • Create Production Upgrade Plan

Final Upgrade and Cutover

Once the QA system is validated and proven, and any necessary changes are made to the Final Upgrade Plan, the updates and cutover into Production will be performed.

  • Perform final upgrade
  • Perform system switchover
  • Assess system performance and functionality; determine debug, continue, or roll back
  • Provide remote support after go-live