Database Tuning Services

Service Overview

This service is focused on determining the root cause or causes of existing Oracle or MS SQL Server database performance problems. At the end of this engagement a remediation proposal will be provided. PTC will apply its considerable expertise to determine the best course of action to get your database infrastructure running as efficiently as is feasible given current state conditions.

The performance Tuning engagement follows our standard methodology, but varies in terms of the components where detailed analysis is performed.  We always start with a 1-day high level assessment which covers the database, operating system, storage and network.  From the initial primary assessment, we will determine which areas we will focus on.  They may be, but not limited to the following areas:

  • SQL Statements causing excessive resource consumption
  • Instance tuning (memory, CPU, etc.)
  • Database Design including partitioning, indexes, etc.
  • Database storage configuration and access patterns
  • Application access to the database
  • Resource contention

Once the initial assessment has been made, the performance engineer will determine the root cause of the performance problems and begin a plan for validation and testing of solutions.

Issue remediation is divided into three categories:

  • Low Risk – Immediate: This category are changes that can be easily made and removed if they do not provide positive results and mainly consists of index design and implementation.
  • Moderate redesign – Mid Term  These changes have a larger developmental impact, but do not affect any application code. This consists of partitioning, LOB storage, etc.
  • Major changes – Long Term  Major changes will consist of changes to hardware including servers and storage. These recommendations usually cannot be implemented immediately and require budget approval.