Database Health Check

Offering at a Glance

The PTC Database Health Check Service has been designed and approved by world renowned database experts. The offering is a quick, easy, and targeted service focused on arming you with clear evidence about the status of your database system performance and maintenance strategy.

 Services Overview

Performance and Maintenance Problems Identified with Recommended Action in 3 days. A Database Performance Health Check consists of three steps:

  • Discovery and Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Report Recommended Action

DAY 1: Discovery and Data Collection

  • Understand the database system, applications, storage environment, and current maintenance strategy
  • Determine best method to collect data (remote access or instructions for client to follow)
  • Determine best time(s) of day to capture peak workloads
  • Understand any known issues or existing symptoms, such as application timeouts, long running processes, deadlocks
  • Collect data with minimal effort by the client

DAY 2: Data Analysis

  • Perform data analysis and correlate data from multiple areas to understand relationship within the system
  • Review maintenance strategy and compare to PTC proven best practices
  • Note areas of interest and issues

DAY 3: Report Recommendations

  • Develop a summary report of findings and recommendations
  • Deliver report and discuss via WebEx conference with Client

Database Performance Health Check Deliverable

DB Health Check Report
The final report will provide findings and recommendations with best practice information based on the above analysis. This will be reviewed and discussed on a call with client.

Health Check Scope

  • Deliver 1 Oracle/SQL instance
  • Not to exceed 5 databases
  • RAC up to 2 nodes
  • Under 1 terabyte