Edward Whalen


Oracle GoldenGate Veridata – Configuring a PDB for Comparison in Oracle Veridata

I recently came across an interesting problem.  How do you point the Oracle Veridata Agent at an Oracle pluggable database?  I thought that this would be an easy solution but upon searching the internet I found nobody who has run into this and/or solved this problem.  That was quite a shock.  One would think that this would be a common occurrence.  So, either nobody is doing this, or I’m the only one who had a problem with it. SO I set about configuring a PDB for comparison in Oracle Veridata

After numerous attempts and failures, it occurred to me that this isn’t really about Veridata, but about the jdbc connection.  All of the examples, blogs and white papers that I’ve read use the common jdbc string as shown here:


This is used to designate the server, port and Oracle SID.

Pointing to the Oracle SID doesn’t do any good when you are trying to connect to a PDB.  So, upon searching for how to connect to a PDB with a JDBC string I found how to specify the Oracle JDBC string to point to a service rather than a SID.  This solved my problem of configuring a PDB for comparison in Oracle Veridata.


Changing the : to a / allowed me to connect to the service rather than the SID.  Once I did that I was able to setup a connection to the PDB.