Case Study:

Oracle GoldenGate for AWS – Migrate Oracle on premise to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A leading content streaming service required the live-migration of its critical 24X7 billing system with near-zero downtime. Performance Tuning Corporation designed a plan based on Oracle GoldenGate 12c to migrate the client’s on premise Oracle RAC database to a MySQL database cluster hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The plan leveraged best practices and a balanced approach using GoldenGate for both replication and initial load of data resulting in a successful migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with minimal business impact.

“The integration of Oracle database with MySQL in AWS was accomplished flawlessly by the team from Performance Tuning Corporation.  The experience of the PTC team allowed us to stay ahead of schedule and avoid unnecessary risks”

Database Performance Challenges were initially discovered with the MySQL initial load.  This was identified and overcome via the use of the GoldenGate Coordinated Replicat feature and MySQL tuning.  In addition, GoldenGate pump tuning was done in order to speed the transfer of data between data centers.

The Challenge: Move Oracle to MySQL on AWS with near-zero downtime

The company needed to replicate live data between Oracle and MySQL with near-zero downtime.

IT leadership at the company recognized the financial and reputation impact of any downtime.  Their responsibility was to identify and execute a migration plan that would eliminate these risks.

Performance Tuning Corporation Solution: Oracle Goldengate for AWS

Due to the high visibility of this project, the company reached out to Performance Tuning Corporation based on PTC’s experience with zero downtime migrations between database platforms.

Having experience with both classin on-premise Oracle and MySQL on Amazon Web services (AWS) platform, PTC was able to provide insight as to the design, operation and tuning differences between the two ensuring an optimal design and ongoing operational excellence.

Performance Tuning Corporation designed a plan to migrate the billing system database from Oracle on premise to MySQL in Amazon Web Services (AWS).  The plan included designing the AWS MySQL server platform, testing the platform with sample data and then establishing the GoldenGate replication between Oracle and MySQL

Performance Tuning Corporation worked as a partner with our client to provide a balance of duties.  The production migration was accomplished over a three month period.  This allowed for adequate development and testing of the application prior to entering into production The cutover to production in Amazon Web Services (AWS) itself was accomplished in less than four hours with no data loss.

Database Performance Results

Leveraging the experience of Performance Tuning Corporation, the firm was able to successfully execute a near-zero downtime database migration from Oracle Database on premise to MySQL in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

By designing this project correctly and using the experienced Oracle Database consulting team from PTC, the company was able to achieve their data integration goal ahead of schedule with no impact to their critical business processes.